Wigginton Festival

July 7, 2012

We had never been to Wigginton Festival before, but hearing about previous years we jumped at the chance to have our stall there and sell our Cake Pops. We wanted to make some new Cake Pops for the event, so we decided on some Lego Cake Pops with lots of different expressions.


The day consisted of mixed weather. For a few hours we had really heavy rain, then clouds and then finally the sun came out. But still lots of people came and enjoyed all the stalls, the live bands, climbing wall, feret racing, bouncy castle and the classic cars.

It was a really fun day and the people of Wigginton were all so friendly and loved our Cake Pops. As well as our Cake Pops, there was a hog roast, pancakes and organic liquid nitrogen ice cream by Custon Creams www.customcreams.co.uk. I tried his popcorn flavour and it really was very tasty!

We stayed almost to the end of the festival, enjoying the live bands and leaving just before the sun disappeared. We shall definitely be returning next year!

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