Judging Northaw School Bake Off Competition

December 9, 2012

I was excitingly asked in December to come and be the judge of a Christmas Bake Off Competition at Northaw School not far from where I live as part of their Christmas Fair. I’ve religiously watched The Great British Bake Off on the television, and I’ve always fancied having Mary Berry’s job and getting to taste all those amazing looking bakes. That’s a pretty good job to have! So, I jumped at the chance of being their guest judge.

When I arrived, I was astounded straight away by the amount of bakes and also with the quality. There was everything there – meringues, biscuits, tray bakes, cakes, cookies, cupcakes and the bakes were still being brought in by their bakers. The table was full!! There must have been at least 50 different bakes to taste. Good thing I hadn’t had any lunch!


The different bakes were put into 3 different categories for under 12s, under 16 and Adults and I started my tastings. I knew from looking at them this was going to be a difficult judge but after tasting too it was near on impossible. I had to look and think about the smallest of things to decide on the winner of each group. In the end the winner of the under 12’s was by a 5 year old, see the little cakes below, bottom left, so artistic and so very delicious!

I do believe that less is more and so these simple squares with white Christmas trees on were really delightful. The sledge scene really inventive, I loved that and the gingerbread men really fun!

This malteaser cake I thought was very nicely made, with a chocolatey sponge cake inside, so yummy! I am a big fan of meringues so these ones caught my eye and the snowman made from meringues was very creative!


I was so pleased to see someone had made Christmas Cake Pops, these were so well made, tasted great and they were put on a really cleverly decoarated 2 tiered cake. I loved this one so much. It won 1st prize for the Adults category. There were 2 Gingerbread Houses, another favourite of mine. These were both so well made and so festive! The one at the back I awarded 1st prize in the Under 16 category. It was so pretty.

Once I had tasted all the bakes, I awarded a winner and a runner-up for each of the 3 categories. It was so difficult and they were all so amazing and delicious. You can just about see me below in the bottom left photo announcing the prizes.

What a great day that was and everyone should be so proud of what they made. I know that Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood from The Great British Bake Off would have been very impressed!

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