Cake Pops at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

November 30, 2012

At the start of November I was contacted by the Nitrogen Ice Cream company Custom Creams asking if they could sell my Cake Pops on their stand at the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in London. Of course was my answer!! So, last Friday I got the train to Hyde Park with my box of Christmas Cake Pops to deliver them to their place of sale. I made Christmas Trees, Reindeers, Snowmen, Presents and Union Jacks. The stand was quite easy to find, right under the Big Wheel. You can’t miss Custom Cream’s big white gazebo!

Let me tell you a little bit about Custom Creams. They make the most delicious of ice Creams, but its not normal ice cream, it’s ice cream that is made while you wait with liquid nitrogen. That’s pretty cool! But what is also exciting is that you can pick and mix your ingredients. So you can have vanilla and chestnut, edemama & black pepper, chocolate and chilli, the list goes on! I had a tub of the award winning Chocolate and Chilli and it was seriously amazing. Just the right amount of spicy kick that left me wanting more! So, I set up my Cake Pops (I’d made the night before a rustic Christmas Log with holes to display the Pops in), and left Brad of Custom Creams to do the selling. I’d only set them up for a few minutes and a Snowman Cake Pop was promptly snapped up. I think a tub of Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream and a tasty Cake Pop go down quite well together!!

I then made the most of my visit to the Winter Wonderland and had a slow wander around all the stalls and amusements. I have been visiting the event for about the last 4 years and this years is definitely bigger and better than the previous ones. There is so much to do and eat!! I especially liked some chocolates made in the shapes of tools, very clever! I love mulled wine, or Glühwein as its called in Germany, so I warmed myself up with a cup from one of the German stalls.


There are lots of foods to taste, I just wanted to try them all! But I got myself some fried potatoes with bacon and onions and I also tried some warm mulled beer. I am not a drinker of beer, but this was something else – most delicious! There was also on offer – bratwursts, hog roast, roast chestnuts, corn on the cob, pancakes, paella, tapas, salmon and lots more. No chance of going hungry here.

There is also plenty to do at the park. There is the Ice Skating Rink, the Big Wheel (where my CakePops are located), a huge Zip Wire across the park, a Circus, Magical Ice Kingdom with ice sculptures, Santa Land where you can meet Santa and also lots of amusement rides.

It’s definitely a fantastic day out and I recommend it to everyone whatever your age! Oh, and don’t forget to visit the Nitrogen Ice Cream stand under the Big Wheel – try some Ice Cream and get yourself one of my Cake Pops!

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